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Getting back to being a kid

You never knintestingow how you’re going to get your kid back when you go out for the evening. Our group wanted to go out for something to eat and just to hang out. This week we wanted to go without the kiddos. We dropped our kids off at a kids night out place that we’ve used before and trusted. We had a lot going on back then and I am glad there is not much going on now.

Now, we have so many things that we are doing now. So many things. anyway, I thought I would share a few things I have looked at the past few days.

No rhythm or rhyme to it :) I was also thinking of the differences between laser hair removal and few other procedures that are offered in Columbus Ga but we will see

Oh yea, the list:

  2. This is the video link, I am not sure if it will work:
  3. That is here too and the last few are my favorite :

If you have ever wanted to listen to the waves, then this is the perfect time to do so, it is absolutely wonderful!

Learning more the best way

listThere have been times when I have known that I should do things and there have been others times when I knew that I should be still and not do anything.

This may be one of those time, in fact, some of the things that I have learned have been that when I am trying to get no essay scholarships for school things may change (

There are other things that I really like to do as well, but I will have to save that for another post. I can guarantee, finals is not one of my fav times. lol