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We are growing cucumbers and cannot wait to pickle them in They are growing fast.

not me

We are going to Colorado near utube to visit my parents soon. Were hoping to go skiing. This is nice Denver stuff

that the selfless

I am on the last and final year of college at Heartbeat of Events in Salem. I dont think I want to see another school for awhile. I saw this site today

It always helps.

The jets are flying over our home all morning. It really excites our daughter. I saw this earlier lefties and getting funding for college. I found their category page here too


I love taking walks by the water at our new place. We even saw a dolphin swimming. I rode by this place today – Tracey Fudge in Atlanta and Alpharetta

Our new place is about 500 square feet bigger than our old place.

Not again!

I love to eat lasanga, I am not sure how to spell it, but I LOOOVE it! .On a side note, I cannot eat too much because I have to see my chiropractor who lives in Columbus tomorrow


Bent of Ruby on Rails

I think I want to start trying to code a little more soon. I have heard that there are many people that make a little more money when they know how to code with ruby.

I also was thinking the type of work goes into a webpage like this when you are building it. I am not sure, but I know I will find out one day.

Learning more the best way

listThere have been times when I have known that I should do things and there have been others times when I knew that I should be still and not do anything.

This may be one of those time, in fact, some of the things that I have learned have been that when I am trying to get no essay scholarships for school things may change (

There are other things that I really like to do as well, but I will have to save that for another post. I can guarantee, finals is not one of my fav times. lol

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